About Gugguu

076It was one night in February. We had been struggling with trying to come up with a name for our company for over half a year, with no results. The name kept changing and changing. Over and over again. The time came, when things just had to go forward. In despair, we tested the silliest of names, with unknown syllables, random variations until a small, smiling boy taking his first steps walked into his mothers arms and said “gugguu”. Like a bolt of lightning, our brand finally got its name.

Gugguu got its name from the first words of a 1-year old, from his wide smile and his tentative steps. We felt it immediately. It was our name.

Gugguu is a new Finnish producer of children’s clothing. The key words of our brand are usability, high quality, comfort and style, without forgetting childlikeness. Gugguu kids fashion combines simplicity, style, bravely fresh colors and small colorful details in its collection for 0-8 year old children. Later, our collection will include sizes up to 152.

We held a gallup with kids about comfortable clothes. Girls liked ballerina clothing, Boys like their little treasures and need big pockets to store them in. And us adults? Our criterion for children’s clothing is usability, comfort of use, soft, safe and high quality fabrics. Simplicity is also a plus, clothes without pictures or prints. Finding the right size of clothing is a challenge. We wanted the clothes to be ecological too. As a bonus, the way these clothes look should be pleasing to the eyes. Gugguu has taken into consideration first of all the comfort and wishes of the child, but also the demands of an adult expecting high quality.